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Did you know that nearly half of the American adult population suffers from gum disease? Did you also know that, aside from destroying your oral health, gum disease can increase your risk for serious systemic health problems like heart disease and stroke? The good news is, Dr. Michael Grier is not only a general dentist, but an experienced periodontist, and offers cutting edge gum disease treatments right here at Grinview Smiles.

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LANAP® laser treatment

Advances in laser technology have truly revolutionized the world of dentistry and periodontics. What used to require invasive gum surgery can now be performed without cutting or sutures. LANAP® uses a tiny laser (about the size of 3 human hairs) to pass between the gums and the teeth and eliminate the infection, while leaving healthy tissue intact. LANAP® is virtually painless, and requires minimal to zero down time. Many patients are able to return to work the same day!


Chao Pinhole® technique

If you’ve experienced gum recession caused by periodontal disease, Dr. Grier can actually reverse the effects and stimulate new tissue growth with Chao Pinhole® treatment. Chao Pinhole® therapy uses a small device (about the size of a pin) to poke tiny holes in the gum tissue. This small amount of trauma actually causes the gums to reverse recession and stimulate new tissue growth. Treating gum recession is important to protect the roots of the teeth and prevent tooth and bone loss.

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