Oral Surgery

Oral surgery

No need to find a specialist

Have you ever had a dentist that recommended a certain procedure, only to tell you that they don’t offer that service at their office, and that you’ll have to find a specialist? That is not the case here at Grinview Smiles. We’re proud to offer a comprehensive list of services to provide all your general and specialty dental needs right here in house. Dr. Michael Grier can provide your oral surgery needs from the comfort of your dental home.

Implant placement

If you could benefit from the #1 recommended tooth replacement solution – dental implants – Dr. Michael Grier is one of the only general dentists in Grandview that can place implants in house. He is experienced in precision placement for the best possible outcomes.


While our primary goal is to preserve your natural teeth for as long as possible, sometimes they cannot be saved. If you have a tooth that is badly damaged by trauma, decay, infection, or gum disease, or is impacted, and is past the point of saving, you may require an extraction. You have nothing to worry about; Dr. Grier performs extractions on a regular basis and will make sure your experience is relaxed and as comfortable as possible. Once extracted, we have plenty of restoration options available to get your smile back on track.

Root canals

We know that root canals have earned a bad rap over the years, but we want you to know that root canals today at Grinview Smiles are a routine and fairly painless procedure. If you have an infection in the tooth chamber, Dr. Grier will go in, remove the infection, fill the chamber to prevent further infection, and seal the tooth with a crown.

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If you’re looking for a general dentist who can perform oral surgery in-house, you’ve come to the right place! If you have any questions about oral surgery or would like to schedule a consultation with your Grandview dentist – Dr. Michael Grier at Grinview Smiles – give us a call today at (817) 866-2065.

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