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Do you ever look back on old photographs and wonder where the time has gone? Maybe you wish you could get back that youthful glow you’ve lost somewhere along the way? While we can’t actually turn back the clock, we can take years off of your appearance with a simple teeth whitening treatment at Grinview Smiles.

The professional difference

When it comes to teeth whitening, we realize we are competing with hundreds of over-the-counter whitening products you can pick up along with your groceries – how convenient. However, while these products may be fairly effective at removing surface stains, the only way to achieve the most dramatic, most cost-effective results is to spring for a professional whitening treatment. Our professional grade bleaching agent can only be found at your Grandview dentist, and is the only way to remove those deep, intrinsic stains that give teeth their color. If you really want results, come talk to us – your teeth whitening experts.

Teeth staining 101

In order to maximize your whitening results, it’s important for you to understand how teeth stain and what to do to avoid it.

  1. Staining agents – Coffee, tea, red wine, and tobacco are the big ones, but anything that will stain a white t-shirt will stain your teeth. Avoid these products as best as possible.
  2. Sipping habits – Sipping stain-causing beverages quickly and through a straw will help minimize contact with teeth and reduce staining.
  3. Oral hygiene – Brush and floss regularly, at least twice a day, ideally after eating or drinking.
  4. Water – When brushing and flossing is not an option, rinsing with water will help minimize plaque buildup and staining.

Give us a call!

If you’re ready to experience the difference a professional teeth whitening treatment and a beaming smile can make, you’ve come to the right place. If you have any questions about teeth whitening or would like to schedule a consultation with your Grandview dentist – Dr. Michael Grier at Grinview Smiles – give us a call today at (817) 866-2065.

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