What Are Snap-On Dentures?

Implant Supported Dentures Grandview, TX

Snap on dentures are ideal for anyone who has lost most of their natural teeth. Dentures are affordable ways to replace missing teeth, but they do come with a few challenges, like constantly shifting when worn. Snap on dentures can provide a more comfortable solution than conventional dentures because they stay in place once inserted into the mouth.

What to expect when getting snap on dentures

Replacing missing teeth with snap on dentures involves getting between two to four implants on each dental arch. In rare cases, the patient might need more implants to keep their prosthesis in place.

These implants are typically titanium rods that serve as artificial teeth roots. They are surgically inserted into the patient’s jaw and left to fuse with bone tissues through a process called osseointegration.

Depending on the patient’s needs, snap on dentures can be removable devices or permanently fixed to the implants. Fixed snap on dentures tend to be more convenient because they typically do not have any specialized cleaning requirements. Removable dentures usually have to be cleaned and soaked nightly.

Benefits of getting snap on dentures

Getting snap on dentures can be a more convenient and effective solution for missing teeth than getting conventional dentures. Benefits of snap on dentures include the following.

Installing implants in the patient’s jaw can help prevent the bone tissue loss that occurs when teeth fall out. The implants transfer bite forces from the artificial teeth into the wearer’s jawbone, giving the tissues there the stimulation that they need to remain healthy.

Snap on dentures do not shift in the mouth when worn. Attaching dentures to implants makes them virtually as stable as real teeth. People with conventional dentures often find themselves dealing with sores due to the prosthesis regularly rubbing against soft tissues in the mouth.

Snap on dentures are easy to get used to. Having a stable prosthesis makes it simple to eat and speak. It can take months to get used to eating and speaking with conventional dentures.

There is no risk of the prosthesis falling out. Traditional dentures have been known to fall out of the wearer’s mouth, leading to embarrassing moments. Snap on dentures are fixed in place, so there is no chance that the prosthesis could fall out when the patient is talking or eating.


Implants require patients to have enough bone tissue in their jaw to hold the restoration in place. People who lack the needed bone tissue can thicken their jaw with bone grafts. Patients who get bone grafts must be fully healed before proceeding with implants. That can take up to three months.

Patients also need to be healthy enough for surgery. Health issues like diabetes or immune system disorders can disqualify some patients from being eligible for implants. Patients are evaluated individually to assess if they are healthy enough for implant surgery.

Explore snap on dentures

Snap on dentures can give you a more comfortable teeth replacement option than traditional dentures. Give us a call or stop by our Grandview clinic to set up an appointment with our dentist.

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