Three Tips for Gum Grafting Aftercare

Gum Grafting Grandview, TX

A gum grafting procedure is not an overly invasive procedure, but it may cause some soreness and swelling for up to a couple of weeks after the procedure. The good news is that any discomfort and swelling can typically be managed by following simple and easy at-home aftercare tips from your dentist. 

How to recover after a gum grafting procedure

It is important to follow the specific gum grafting aftercare instructions that your dentist provides. However, three general ways to aid in recovery following a gum grafting procedure are to find ways to minimize the pain and swelling, practice good oral hygiene, and eat a diet that is complementary to a fast recovery. 

Keep the pain and swelling to a minimal level

As mentioned, gum grafting does not typically cause an intolerable level of discomfort, but some residual pain and swelling should be expected for the first few days while the mouth recovers. There are numerous ways to keep the pain and swelling down. Of course, store-bought anti-inflammatory medication can help, along with a cold compress that is used several times each day. Be sure not to do anything that could irritate the affected areas, such as physical exercises that could result in a blow to the face (e.g., physical sports such as basketball). 

Keep up a consistent oral care routine

Of course, brushing and flossing remain important during gum grafting aftercare. Good oral hygiene can not only help to minimize the discomfort after a gum grafting procedure, but it can also help to shorten the recovery time as well. Patients should strive to brush several times a day and floss and use mouthwash as directed by the dentist, which may be once or twice a day. Be sure to brush the gums gently to avoid irritation and follow your dentist's instructions about when to start brushing. 

Slowly integrate hard foods back into your diet

It is often best to stick to a soft diet of foods such as scrambled eggs, cooked vegetables, and yogurt. As the mouth recovers, the patient can begin to integrate foods that require more chewing back into the rotation. It is also important to limit the consumption of sugar-filled beverages and snacks as well. 

How long should it take to recover from a gum grafting procedure?

If the patient follows the aftercare advice provided by their dentist, then they should start to see improvements in swelling and the way they feel within a few days. However, the patient may not make a full recovery for one to two weeks. 

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