Cosmetic Dentistry: What Is a Crown-Lengthening Procedure?

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Cosmetic dentistry uses treatments like crown lengthening to improve the way your smile looks. The procedure is typically performed when a person has short teeth, but it has other uses. Crown lengthening can also be used to expose more of a tooth's surfaces so issues like cavities can be addressed. An untreated cavity can eventually ruin the appearance of a tooth, and cosmetic dentistry aims to prevent things like that.

How crown lengthening is used in cosmetic dentistry

Crown lengthening treatment counts as oral surgery, and it is performed to lengthen the exposed part of a tooth so it does not appear abnormally short or to fit it with restorations like a veneer or crown. Having abnormally short teeth caused by excess gum tissues is known as having a gummy smile.

Gum and bone tissues are reshaped during crown lengthening, leaving more of a tooth's surfaces exposed. The procedure can be performed on a single tooth or the patient's entire gum line. During the treatment, the cosmetic dentist uses precise incisions to pull gum tissues away from teeth. This separation of gum tissues and teeth surfaces they cover exposes teeth roots and supporting bone tissues so the dentist can perform any repairs needed. Bone tissues might also be removed during crown lengthening treatments.

Once there is enough tooth material exposed, the cosmetic dentist will sterilize the area and stitch up any incisions made. Popular reasons that a dentist might perform crown lengthening include the following.

  • abnormally short or they are covered up with gum tissues; such treatments also reduce a person's risk of infection

The process

A local anesthetic is typically administered at the start of crown lengthening treatments. This prevents the patient from feeling anything as the dentist works on their teeth. How long each patient's treatment lasts varies due to factors like how large the area being worked on is and the number of teeth being restored. The procedure is usually completed during a single visit to the dentist. The procedure involves repositioning gum tissues so the patient's teeth look longer once the treatment has been completed.

Crown lengthening is not a painful dental treatment, thanks to the local anesthetic used. Sedatives can be used to keep patients with dental anxiety relaxed during their treatment. Patients might experience discomfort after the anesthetic wears off. This can be managed with over-the-counter painkillers.

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